• Electrified has her first published work
    Electrified worked three furlongs in 38.09 Breezing on the Oklahoma Training Track at Saratoga. Jimmy Bond clocked her too and got her in 37 and change. She outworked her workmate and they are going to pair her up with another filly. S
  • Electrified on the track at the farm
    Electrified is jogging a mile and galloping a mile at Stone Bridge. Her rider is excellent and is working to get her using her hind end. She is very down hill at the moment having had a growth spurt putting her higher behind. She is a happy filly and enjoys her training routine. She should regain condition quickly now and we will keep our fingers crossed for a couple of starts this fall.
  • Analysis needs time off
    Analysis was off behind after his race and although he came to the farm just for some jogging and good eats, his lameness escalated. He has Plantar Metatarsal Disease which is good old fashioned bone bruising. It is effecting both hind fetlocks at the bottom of the cannon bone. He will require stall rest and then small paddock turn out, but he will be fine. Carrots and barn visits are in order.
  • Circuitous is not going to withstand race training
    We are sorry to report that although Circuitous enjoyed his little faster gallop, his tendon did not. We do not want to risk him further and the veterinarian concludes that although he will be sound for lots of jobs, he will not withstand racing. He is a lovely horse and we are looking for a nice place for him to work on a new skill. As you all know, he has done some ring work and Heidi White worked with his too, so he already knows more than just turning left on the race track. We are sad to lose his racing ability but relieved to at least know he is not at risk.
  • Circuitous works inside today

    Circuitous worked in the ring today as the track was not perfect after all the torential rain. He hacked over from his barn and seemed to enjoy trotting and cantering and doing a few circling exercises and figure eights.


  • Analysis breezed a half in 48.91
    Jimmy did not want him to go this fast but all is well. Jimmy does not have a race in sight yet.
  • Circuitous trotting and cantering 2 miles
    David trots amd lets Circuitous break into a slow canter on the track now. Today he went 2 miles. If there is no filling or heat in the tendon we will very gradually do more cantering. So far things have been going really well. LeRoy Jolley was in the barn this morning and interestingly he could not see the profile of the injured tendon at all.
  • New training photos up

    New to the cast of characters is David Csesznok riding C this morning. David comes to Stone Bridge after riding for Darley in the early morning. He has been on Alpha who is deep in the female family of our horses.

    You have met Virginia Verdecanna, but here she is again on Buck. Buck is an elderly outrider's pony and is often on the muscle to chase after his charges. Virginia is the farm's resident trainer and she oversees the training and feeding of Circuitous and other horses in training or coming back to fitness.

    Crossing the stone bridge, it looks as though C has broken into a little canter. He is eager for more, but very happy to listen to David.  He is trotting 1 1/2 miles now - with the occasional little canter.


  • We are the lead on the Chronicle's Website and FaceBook page
    The Chronicle of the Horse has posted our article on the top of its homepage on its website and Face Book and we are getting some wonderful comments. I certainly do not consider myself a trainer though.
  • Circuitous went to the track today!
    He jogged once around like a perfect gentleman.
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  • Circuitous poised to start training with a rider
    Circuitous got his carrots from me today. Tomorrow he should go to the farm track and jog with a rider. I feel he needs to jog once around - 7 furlongs for a week or so and then if he is comfortable with that, move along to twice around jogging. I want him equally to go both directions. Gavin or Antonio may ride or possibly a girl from Bill Mott's barn.
  • Analysis worked a half in 48 and change
    He breezed on the training track for a half and then galloped out 5/8ths in 1.01 and change.
  • CIRCUITOUS -- NEW JOB(video)
    Circuitous in the ring at R and M with an intern riding.